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Join your Asia trading partners for a regional update and cross-industry trading group call. 2nd Tuesday each month at 9:00AM Beijing time

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  • Join via an internet connection with a computer, tablet, smartphone (video sharing is great for engagement with your partners!)

  • https://zoom.us/j/95829292996?pwd=T0JUS0dBOWFyTUVjNzNyQWRPbjZ0dz09 (copy and paste into your web browser)

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    • Meeting ID: 958 2929 2996

      Passcode: 265430

Practice Group Leader:

Robert Williams
Asia Media Search
T: +852 3975 2714
E: rwilliams@asiamediasearch.com

Hosted by NPAworldwide on Zoom

United States of America


Robert Williams
(3) 975-2714