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Hey, I'm Nic Saunders, happiness coach and positive psychology practitioner.
Over almost 20 years in HR, I've developed a strong understanding of human behavior and how to motivate and get the best from people. As a successful ex-agency recruiter and branch manager, I also understand the intensity and challenges within the recruitment industry.
I see you - you're driven, ambitious, high performing and want to progress in your career and achieve your goals. But, you also want to be healthy, happy, and have a life outside of work! The conflict between these two drivers can cause stress, anxiety, and if unchecked, lead to burnout.
Great news - well-being and success don't have to be mutually exclusive. The problem is in our conditional approach to happiness – “I'll be happy when...” “I'll take a break when...” “I’ll celebrate when…” etc.
Our inner critic pushes us to achieve from a place of fear and scarcity, rather than being pulled by intrinsically motivating factors. This means we may still achieve success but it comes at a cost and feels effortful.
There is another way...
Join me for an engaging session where I’ll be sharing the key elements of my mental fitness program exclusively with you.
By the end of the session, you’ll learn 3 things;
1)    The 10 saboteurs that are responsible for creating negative emotions
2)    How to stop the saboteurs 
3)    How to tap into your inner Sage power to achieve better results, greater success and end those negative emotions.
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  • Meeting ID: 674 475 4291   
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