The good news is many of you have seen the video NPAworldwide created for you to use with clients introducing international search capability. The vision was for members to do a brief intro or to use it in live setting to start a discussion, when possible. The intro could go like this…

“You may not be aware, we are member-owners of a global network of recruiters called NPAworldwide. Together with the partner firms in our network, we can service your need for talent anywhere and for any specialty. Please watch the brief video to get the full message.” Or in a live setting, “Let me play this short video to introduce a service you may need to access in the future.”

While personal branding is not needed, some have asked to put their own brand on the video along with NPAworldwide. We have given authorization to our Fiverr seller to add your brand on to our video. The cost will be about $100, controlled by “levmusic” our seller. Another option that I have heard is changing the accent to Aussie or English vs US.  We will not be supporting a change of accent. You are welcome to create your own video, it is about a $200 investment and the greatest time is in crafting a script. 

Here is our seller’s link. Please be gracious and kind; he is a resource we use. We have permitted him to add your logo and branding. Anything more will not be allowed as this video is NPAworldwide copyrighted.