Dear Nicky,

When looking at the jobs posted in Matchmaker, I see some that say permission to advertise Yes, some that say No, contact recruiter and some that are just plain No. Can you explain the differences, please?

Confused in Clio

Dear Confused,

Great question!

NPAworldwide policy allows the importer (person with the job) to control whether their jobs can be advertised by other members. As you've discovered, there are 3 possible answers to the "Permission to Advertise?" question:

  • Yes - You may advertise the job as you see fit. This includes posting it on job sites or your own website. You MUST take care to "sanitize" the listing to ensure that neither your partner nor your partner's client can be identified in the posting.
  • No, contact recruiter - The posting member *may* allow you to advertise this posting on a select basis. Call the posting member to discuss BEFORE you post. Again, if permission is obtained, you must make sure that neither your partner nor your partner's client can be identified.
  • No - This job may not be advertised anywhere, in any fashion. The client may not want it advertised, the posting member may already be handling all the advertising, or it could be a highly confidential search to replace an incumbent. It doesn't matter what the reason is, you may not not advertise.


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