Posted by NPAworldwide Headquarters on May 02, 2022

Members are reminded that the "Permission to Advertise" field MUST be followed whenever you advertise a partner's job. No means no - you may not post, share or advertise that job ANYWHERE.

If part of your sourcing practice involves advertising, you may want to use the "Permission to Advertise" filter when searching for jobs on NPAmarketplace. Filter all jobs on the top right (as seen below) and your search results will ONLY contain jobs where the posting member has granted permission for the job to be advertised:

P.S. If you are the posting member, and you do NOT want your jobs advertised, you may want to think twice about using the NPAworldwide Job Board. Not only are those jobs being advertised on LinkedIn and other sites, unknown third parties often scrape the job board and share those postings in other places as well. We cannot control this and do not know all the entities that scrape our site OR where else those jobs may be posted.