Posted by Veronica Blatt on Feb 10, 2022

Owners are reminded that the 2022 Annual Meeting will take place via Zoom on Thursday, March 3 at 7PM US ET. This is an important event in the NPA year and we need your participation!

The Annual Meeting is where owners elect representatives to the Board of Directors, vote on policy changes, approve activities from the previous year, receive financial reports, discuss other new business, and more. This year, our Annual Meeting will also include a technology update and an "open forum" q-and-a session with the Board of Directors. Owners have two options for participating:

  1. Attend the Zoom session - this is the BEST option to participate fully in the debate and discussion, get your questions answered, and participate in voting. The time was selected so that the largest possible number of owners will be able to attend at a reasonable time, but there is no such thing as a time zone that will be universally reasonable.
  2. If you are UNABLE to attend the Zoom session, please submit your proxy so that your vote can be counted. NPAworldwide uses a "limited proxy" option - this means you can direct your vote specifically for some questions. For other questions, your proxy authorizes Pam Robison, our Secretary/Treasurer, to cast your vote in accordance with the preferences of the Board of Directors. The deadline for returning proxies is February 21, 2022. Proxy instructions were sent to all Voting Members in late January / early February.

In either case, you will need the email that contains your proxy information - you will use the login details to submit your proxy OR to participate in the actual election on March 3rd. Please contact me immediately if you need the proxy instructions re-sent or if you have any questions about the Annual Meeting.

And remember ... you will *EITHER* attend Zoom session *OR* submit your proxy ... not both!