Posted by Veronica Blatt on May 26, 2022

Quick reminder to all owners and recruiters: about a year ago we began implementing some new security measures to reduce the number of inactive accounts on our sites, especially NPAmarketplace. If a recruiter fails to log in to NPAcentral for more than 180 days after their account was created, the account will be automatically deleted. This will also trigger deletions from NPAmarketplace. We have been handling this manually for quite a long time, but now have the ability to streamline this task.

The "automatic" part of this process is scheduled to start on June 3, 2022. We have manually notified the recruiters (and their owners) that will be immediately impacted starting next week. If you want to maintain your access to our websites, all that is required is that you log in to NPAcentral ONE TIME between now and June 2, 2022.

This process is intended to help safeguard members and their proprietary data. It is not good security practice to allow dormant accounts to remain in place. Once the automatic process is rolled out, there will be reminders to minimize deletions of those who truly are active participants in the network. Reminders will be sent 60 days and 90 days. If a user still has not logged in to NPAcentral at least once, within 180 days of account creation, the account will be automatically deleted on the 181st day.

We are finding that a large percentages of users who fall into this category (no login for more than 180 days) are actually former recruiters, no longer employed with the member. With their accounts still active, they could still potentially gain improper access to NPAmarketplace and that is not an acceptable risk for anyone.