Posted by Jim Lyons JD, CPC on Sep 22, 2022

Back by popular demand ... I’ve developed an assessment and case studies that help hiring managers think critically about the jobs they need to fill. The 4A’s of Talent Acquisition is a simple assessment focused on the one question hiring managers must consider when bringing a job to market: How long will it likely take to fill this job? Click here to download a copy - you can use this as a conversation-starter with new or potential clients as an activity they can do on their own or as part of a "complimentary" offer that we can share to demonstrate market knowledge.

Remember we have a couple of great face-to-face meetings coming up ... Bangkok from November 3-5 and NYC Holiday Networking on December 8th. Attending meetings is one of the best investments you can make in your NPAworldwide membership. In addition to what you will learn about being a better practitioner, the business and personal relationships you will create (or reinforce) are second-to-none. Please consider joining one of these events, or the Global Conference in Atlanta next May.

Shout-out to one of our new members who is finding success with split placements: Christine Kines has had 2 placements, one with Dan Sullivan (also his first placement) and Kyle Cravens (his first, as well!)
Christine makes it a point to attend both technology practice group calls, as well as the cybersecurity group call. Less than a week after joining in March, she joined a tech group call and Dan Sullivan saw her name in the notes and contacted her to help on a QA role. Love to see the enthusiasm for the network!

Happy hunting.