Posted by Jim Lyons JD, CPC on Jul 28, 2022

Greetings! I hope this finds you well, prosperous in business but also  making time to smell the roses and enjoy family and friends.

As your Chair I have the pleasure of interacting with members and staff, around what is working well at NPA and the points of challenge. Over the years, I have said that the common denominator of success at NPA is being proactive. It is indeed the Essence of NPA members in communication, splitting deals and sharing their thought leadership and subject matter expertise.

In doing so, it is incumbent on us as owner/members of this 65+year old recruitment network to work together in attaining optimal best practices. I want to specifically speak to several NPA Best Practices and concerns that seem to come up regularly. Many of these will be obvious to most readers, but still worth mentioning.
As I summarize my opinion around NPA Best Practices, into two categories: New Members (under one-year) and  All Members. Attached for your review and distribution please find a great NPA Best Practice outline recently updated.

So with the greatest respect to all of my fellow members below please find my humble NPA Best Practices thoughts:

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • This issue recently came up again- not willing to share the name of your client- and, but  expecting candidate side delivery…….. really………. This is in fact a POOR PRACTICE. And if this applies to you  I wonder (with all due respect) why you are in the network??……… We have protections in place- lets talk about it (203) 856 5416
  • Get on monthly calls, go to meetings
  • Of course, always respect the proprietary interest a fellow member has with a client or candidate.
  • Reach out to local NPA members, have a coffee, lunch or at the very least make a phone call.
  • Candidate recruiters: pick up the phone make an investigative extraction of passive candidate. If you are posting and praying- let your NPA partner know. I like a candidate side partner who is disruptive not afraid to make a call.
  • Review the Vignette and other publications to gain insight on NPA leaders in your space.
  • Pay your partner timely
  • Reach out to your NPA Engagement Manager.
  • If you have third party deal or disproportionate split make sure it is communicated accordingly to all parties
  • Again, pick up the phone, reach out to Board Members, Practice Group Leaders. Set a goal- for over a year I spoke to at least one new NPA member per day.
  • Remember to communicate Cash Back guarantees to all parties
  • Consider using NPA as way to pivot into international  assignments or placements outside of your core competency
  • Consider splitting retainers  with valued partners- A great way to hold a partner’s attention
  • Consider a new client acquisition strategy leading with the NPA brand—happy to chat about this
  • Refer new members to NPA
  • Remember NPA membership is a great investment-not an expense
  • Think cross-functional and cross- border: A great way to broaden your offering. Sometimes Bigger is Better in Client Acquisition- Always Happy to Chat