NPAworldwide is always on the lookout for new information from recruitment authorities to increase your production. This is especially important in our current market. Over the years and through interaction with our members, we learn of additional voices  that require our attention and promotion.  Steve Finkel is a leader and educator that has come to our attention as a recommendation via Trond Larsen.  


Mr. Finkel's brand-new book, Unlimited Clients!, will give you the tools and techniques needed to find the most important thing in today's market – new clients! We are pleased to bring it to your attention.. with a special offer for NPAworldwide members.


In a strong market, we focus on recruiting the best candidates, as we should. But there is a downside. Even experienced recruitment consultants may have allowed the skills and focus required to obtain new clients to diminish. Those new to the recruiting world may not have developed the skills.


Unlimited Clients! Perfect Prospecting for Today's Recruiter, is a new and powerful educational resource for current conditions.  


Steve has been described by The Fordyce letter as "universally regarded as our industry's leading author and trainer." Because he's personally experienced significant recessions in our industry and has helped hundreds of organizations increase production, he is a trainer that needs our full consideration during these uncertain times. 


Unlimited Clients! is written from a “desk” perspective. Its focus is not on gradual adjustment or development. Rather, this book is for those who want to take a direct approach to client acquisition, who want to expedite the process and see substantial results right away.  With 24 "how-to" chapters on the unique skills and specific techniques needed to rapidly obtain clients and fees, Unlimited Clients! introduces original productive ideas, proven effective.


In the current market, our industry must pivot from seeking highly-qualified candidates to seeking highly-qualified prospects. Finkel provides detailed information to enable you to do so. It will open your eyes to genuinely creative ways of obtaining new clients.


To order, visit Unlimited Clients! is available in a beautifully bound hard copy (plus shipping costs) or in download. And if when you check out through the shopping cart, you put NPA123 in the  “promo code” box, you'll get a 20% discount.


PS Look for a webinar by Steve Finkel and NPAworldwide shortly!