Dear Nicky,

It's finally happened. One of my clients is changing its terms for recruiters. The new policy states that after 45 days, any candidates I have submitted no longer "belong" to me and I won't be paid for any placements of said candidates. How does this impact NPAworldwide?

Irritated in Inkster

Dear Inky,

You're right, there has been a growing trend over a number of years for clients to limit candidate ownership and referral periods. Unfortunately, it's probably here to stay. You'll have to decide if you want to work under those terms or try to negotiate a different agreement.

As far as NPAworldwide goes, if you ARE working with a client that has these kinds of restrictive terms, you MUST disclose the full meaning of those terms to your partner BEFORE submitting their candidates to your client. Your partner has every right to refuse to agree to those terms. Failure to make that disclosure in advance could obligate you to pay your partner a fee equal to your stated fee schedule in the event your client hires your partner's candidate.

Thanks for checking on this important rule!


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