Dear Nicky,

I'm thinking of hiring a contract recruiter to support my business. Is there anything I need to do specifically regarding NPAworldwide?

Hiring in Hancock

Dear Hiring,

Thanks for checking! The bylaws require that any non-employee entity such as a contract recruiter may ONLY operate under the member's business name while engaging in NPAworldwide activities. This means that the individual may not use their own business name or email for any NPAworldwide activities in order to avoid any confusion on the part of other trading partners. Non-employee entities may not market or utilize any NPAworldwide products or services, or promote access to those products or services, unless they are working specifically on the member's behalf. This means a contract recruiter may not utilize the NPAworldwide database for their other recruitment or business activities. As the owner of the business, you remain accountable to the network for safeguarding members' proprietary information.

Please contact your board representative if you have any other questions pertaining to a contract recruiter and NPAworldwide.


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