Below are the membership updates for this week:

Applications Received

The following firms have made application for NPAworldwide membership. Please forward any information that will be helpful in evaluating this application to our Director of Membership, Sarah Freiburger. Please share your feedback within one week of receiving this update.


Firm Name: Aurora Search Pty Ltd

Location: Sydney, Australia

Owner: Ivan Micallef

Referred by: Jason Elias (NPA #8362), Elias Recruitment Pty Ltd


Firm Name: MACFORCE Australia

Location: Kealy, WA, Australia

Owner: Anthony MacShane

Referred by: Dani Tamati (NPA #8601), THE resources HUB


Firm Name: Stealth Recruiting Services

Location: Gulfport, MS, USA

Owner: Richard Stell


Firm Name: Elite TechSources

Location: Salt Lake City, UT USA

Owner: Aaron Ozminski

New Membership

All members, upon enrollment, are subject to a probationary period of six months and must abide by the terms and conditions of the NPAworldwide Membership Agreement.


NPA #8656

Chandler Executive Consulting Pty Ltd- +60407 008784

Location: Freshwater, NSW AU

Owner: Nicholas Chandler

We are an Australian executive search firm responsible for identifying and selecting Chief Executives, General Managers and functional heads of business units in the health, infrastructure, sports and member services areas. We also appoint senior executives into mid-cap enterprises in the services and manufacturing sectors. We have recruited at CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, GM and Executive Director levels. Our difference is in the 60 years of development of behavioural analysis to predict high performance.

Firm Marketplace Profile


NPA #5098

Georgetown Oilfield Partners- +1 (512)688-6348

Location: Houston, TX USA

Owner: Troy Jeffrey

Trading Groups: Oil & Gas

Firm Marketplace Profile

Membership Status Changes

Members are reminded to contact NPAworldwide Headquarters regarding any pending placement activity with suspended or resigned members. Brokerage is still due on all placements made with former members for a period of one year following termination.

Requested Resignations


Last Week's Acceptances

The following firms have reported these acceptances from last week:

* There was 1 cross-border split on this report; if you are interested in working internationally, reach out to an Engagement Team Member.

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