One of the benefits of NPAworldwide membership is the ability to promote an international capability to your clients, serve your clients outside of their home markets, maximize your firm’s business opportunity by spending your time where the jobs are, and avoiding down economic situations in your home market. NPAworldwide defines “cross-border” splits as deals where the partners are operating in different countries. Here is a story about members that completed a cross-border split.

Laura LaBine (NPA #6017) of LaBine & Associates in San Mateo, CA, USA, and Aliona Khaburksa and Valeriia Silchenko of Skillers (NPA #8214) in Kyiv, Ukraine, have recently shared 2 cross-border placements. Laura placed Valeriia's candidate, a Backend Engineer, and Aliona's candidate, a Talent Sourcing Specialist, which were both Aliona's & Valeriia's first NPAworldwide split placements!
Laura explains how the deal came with Aliona came about: "This is one of my favorite splits stories! There is a person that I've placed four times through his career, and now he's become a client.  He called me up because his recruiting team needed to hire a talent acquisition sourcer in Poland, and asked if I could help. I immediately reached out to Skillers, because I knew that they could help with this search.
"Aliona and Julia both attended client meets with me via video.  We met with the hiring manager (a talent acquisition lead in the UK) and other members of their recruiting services team.  My client incorporated in Poland specifically so they could quickly onboard Ukrainian engineers seeking asylum in Poland. 
"Aliona is a great recruiting partner and submitted a handful of candidates with excellent screening and summaries. We originally began the search looking for a more senior-level resource, and she pivoted quickly once they specified their role to a talent sourcer. 
"Because this client is really global (they have a platform for software engineers to provide contract development work for corporations), the hiring team was spread across North America and Europe.  Being able to work with a recruiting partner that is more centralized to the talent pool proves to be a successful aspect of these searches.  
For the split with Valeriia, Laura said her cybersecurity startup client needed someone for their backend team. "(The candidate) was really a gem, as he had relocated and was doing some project work due to his geographic shifts.  Most recruiters would have overlooked him based on the 'job hopping' stigma.  He happened to have the perfect technical experience, but more importantly he was the right culture fit for this team."
"The team at Skillers has proven to be great partners, and it is a great feeling to be working with them during this time of conflict in their home country," Laura said. "I look forward to celebrating numerous successful placements with them!"
Great work, Laura, Aliona & Valeriia! International split placements are within your reach, as you can see with Laura's story! Having an NPA partner "on the ground" in another country that your client operates in can be the key to widening your net and achieving international placements.