There is a lot to think about in the subject line, but we see a lot of it happening in NPA right now.
I see members that get frustrated, but they are doing the same thing and expecting different results.
If you are not getting attention on your candidates first and foremost make sure you are posting what members are looking for. If you are posting what they are looking for send direct to your NPA Partners to make sure they have seen it.
If you are posting jobs and not getting any action, make sure your jobs are short and sweet, getting views and that you are not just updating the same old jobs every other day. Change things around, send direct to your NPA Partners inbox, let them know you need help, and you have a good client relationship. Nothing makes your partners more frustrated then finding out the good candidates you recruited will take three weeks to get interviewed, or all jobs are going on hold, etc.  Educate  your clients so they know that good people are hard to find and even harder to keep “warm”.