Posted by Jim Lyons JD, CPC on Mar 23, 2022

Greetings, I am sure that all of NPAworldwide joins me with thoughts & prayers to the people of Ukraine and to all of those affected by this needless conflict.

I would like to do a shout-out to new members Mark Ellis (Sea Change Talent) and Dan Rein (Agility Recruiting) on their first NPA placements. Great job Mark & Dan, congrats!!


Today we  have so many ways to communicate with each other. Still , it is this writer’s humble opinion, there is nothing yet that can take the place of the telephone. Zoom is great, but not immediate. For the most part you have to set a Zoom up via confirmation communication v. just picking up the phone and originating a call. Think about a direct phone call. Yes, it can be intrusive and irritating. However, it is also proactive and delivers a sense of urgency and importance. So with respect to member communications – consider the following:

  1. Pick-up the phone. Initiate a call, be proactive and take the lead.  
  2. New members, pick up the phone and reach out and introduce  yourself. Your NPA engagement team staff member will be happy to give you some guidance.
  3. When in doubt, pick up the phone. As stated by NPA President Dave Nerz, “I like to say when things get complicated or stuck (via email, text, IMing, WhatsApp, etc.), it is time for a phone call! More than 3 texts back and forth or more than 2 hours of dead time…time for a call!” In addition, often emails and texts are taken out of context; a direct phone call will likely not be misinterpreted.
  4. Return member communications in a timely manner - no more than 1 business day .
  5. Give timely process results-update your partners on candidate submissions, or the process you are making in sourcing candidates on their behalf.  
  6. DON’T GHOST YOUR NPA MEMBER/PARTNERS. It is bad enough that clients and candidates do this from time to time, but it should never happen between NPA members.
  7. Lastly, as owner/members it is great to communicate and socialize  in person from time to time. Over the years I could not begin to put a value on the sales ideas, industry content and best practices that I have taken away from NPA meetings. Furthermore, the NPA friend factor is priceless.

Below please find a reminder of upcoming meetings; please try join us.
2022 Global Conference,  April 7-9, Ft. Worth, TX

Connection Barcelona, June 9-11

Happy Hunting - Always Happy to Chat!