Dear Nicky,

Some exporters will call and ask for more information on my jobs. I spend some time educating them on what I am looking for, they thank me, and one of two things happens:

  1. I never hear from them again
  2. They spend a day or so, take a stab at it and then move on

I pride myself in making sure I give good feedback to keep them interested. What am I doing wrong? What other suggestions do you have?

Ghosted in Gaylord

Dear Ghost,

Your time is as valuable as others' so here are a few suggestions:

Remember exporters want to go where the placements will happen, so make sure that you add to the member-to-member notes that you have done deals with the client, or you get fast feedback, etc.

Another suggestion is instead of spending time upfront explaining the job, push back and tell them you would be happy to set up a call to help them understand your client's needs. However, before such a call takes place, let the partner know you will expect regular updates of progress. These progress reports can be very simple. For example: no good fit candidates found, calls/emails out expecting responses soon, have not invested any time yet, plan to invest time next week. Would expect some feedback at least weekly while the job is open. Your partner may have a working style that doesn't mesh well with the way you want to work, so it's better to flush out those differences before starting any search activities.

By the way, we recommend a similar approach for exporters. So much frustration can be avoided by properly setting expectations in advance.


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