Catherine Cheah (#8129) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of Gemini Personnel in Singapore.

Catherine provided a Chief Executive Officer in the Environmental / Health & Safety Industry, to AK Menon (#8613) of Options Executive Search in Hyderabad, India.

Catherine said she met AK on one of the Asia calls sometime last year, and initially connected him with one of her consultants for IT/Tech candidates. During that time, AK came to her asking if she had any candidates for a role he was working on, and so began the search.

AK added: "Personally I must share that this placement would not have happened without her professionalism & personal touch!

"1. The assignment was a challenging one. My client, albeit valued at a billion dollars, had very less brand equity in Singapore, to be able to attract a leadership level person of Chinese origin with experience in the domain.

"2. The fee percentage - being an Indian company - was significantly lower than the market rates as prevalent in Singapore. And so, it was very courteous of Catherine to even agree to a split much lower. Instead she was willing to support go beyond a transaction - and look at the relationship on LTV (life time value) basis.

"3. The assignment took longer than we expected, as there were several levels of interviews over a few months - with occasional delays in communication. Catherine was brilliant, constantly being in touch- especially since there were several cultural issues that needed to be bridged & set expectations to the client/ candidate.

"I have no hesitation in clinching any potential chance to work along with Catherine & team," AK said. "And so, it is only fitting that we are now working together on an assignment for Catherine's client needing talent in India! We are hopeful that will see more opportunities to add value to each other's network!"

Wow, great job working together to make a difficult placement and overcome several obstacles! Here's to many more splits together, AK and Catherine!