Chris Turzo (NPA #6076) of Chris Turzo and Associates in Santa Cruz, CA, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Steve Kohn (NPA #2043) of Affinity Executive Search in Hollywood, FL, USA.

Chris placed Steve’s candidate, a Senior Manager, Oracle in the Technology Industry in the US.

Steve explains how the deal came about: "This was an awesome placement. So, this recruiter I've never met (Chris) enters a job for a Super Oracle User. I'm imagining someone with a cape on that has a big O on their chest because I have no clue of what this is. I then put the job out there to the places I advertise, figuring the right applicant might know what this is, and on the same day I posted it, an applicant came in. The only applicant for the job. So, I sent the candidate over to Chris who immediately took over and quickly made the placement. A big, chunky, placement. Call it luck or call it a miracle, but it was amazing! Let's do it again!"

It pays to post your jobs! Congrats, Chris and Steve!