Posted by Liz Carey on Jun 24, 2019
Julia Moody (NPA #7389) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of Trans-United Consultants Ltd. in Toronto, ONT, Canada.

Julia provided a Millwright in the Chemical Industry, to Kevin Alger (NPA #7370) of Appletree Executive Recruitment in Guelph, ONT, Canada.

Kevin explains how the deal came about:

"I was already aware of Trans-United and had spoken to Julia in the past," Kevin said. "Marcia Bateman had encouraged me to reach out to them because we work on similar assignments. The split happened since they had done a similar search in the past."

"Kevin realized that we had the same role with different clients in the same location, so we exchanged possible candidates that didn’t work out for our individual ones," Julia said. "One worked out – Et Voila!"

"The best ones are the easy ones," Kevin said.

If only they could all be that easy, right?! Congrats, Kevin and Julia!

Julia mentioned she's been trying to get more engaged within NPA the past couple months... and it has worked out - a placement with Kevin, one with Marilyn Houston, and recently she had one from the job board! 

"I’m trying to keep plugged in a bit more, checking on what’s new to work on with NPA and also making sure my jobs are up-to-date on the job board and Matchmaker," Julia said.

Great work staying engaged and utilizing network resources, Julia!