Venkat Reddy (NPA #8540) of Kaarya Consulting Services in Hyderabad, India, has made the firm’s first split placement with Lora Lea Mock (NPA #6656) of Professional Recruiters in Sandy, UT, USA.

Lora placed Venkat’s candidate, a Finance Manager in the Marketing Industry in the US.

Venkat explains how the deal came about: "I joined NPA in the month of March and was just trying to understand how it works and had just then started attending few meetings through April. Early second week of May 2019, I received an email from Lora for the position in Taiwan. Not sure how she found me and why she felt I should be given an opportunity, but I thought it could be the right opportunity to begin with.

"Since I have teams working for multiple locations across the globe like Singapore, Malaysia, USA, India etc., I assigned the requirement to my APAC team and asked them to help me with few profiles. In about 3-4 days’ time, we submitted few resumes and submitted them to Lora. Thanks to Lora, she managed rest of the process and was so kind and very prompt in updating the status every week.

"It was really wonderful experience in closing the position and also building partnership with Lora."

Great work, Venkat and Lora!