Robert Favreau (NPA #7403) of Magellan Group in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, has made his firm's first NPA split placements with Afsi Varasteh (NPA #7402) of Beyond Bilingual in Toronto, ONT, Canada.

Afsi placed Robert’s candidate, an Account Manager in the Electrical Equipment & Components Industry in Canada.

Afsi joined NPA in September, Robert joined NPA in October, and their split was made in November!

Robert said NPA's member engagement specialist, Marcia Bateman, connected Beyond Bilingual with the Magellan Group – within a few days of his group joining NPA.

Afsi said: "We had just joined NPA and Marcia Bateman did an outstanding job of connecting us to Robert and his team. The Magellan Group did an outstanding job of presenting candidates to us and we hope to do more business together in the future with both organizations."

Robert added: "We just lately started to collaborate on a few other assignments for Montreal and Toronto based positions – all coming from Afsi. It is a pleasure collaborating with Afsi, even though we do not always have immediate candidates on our hands (some roles are not within our immediate focus), but we are presently making some internal adjustments with our resources in order to best support these types of requests. Magellan Group is well positioned to provide bilingual (French and English) candidates to any NPA member looking for this requirement."

Great work, Afsi and Robert - way to make a big entrance into the NPA network! Here's to many more splits together!