Jodi Barcelona (NPA #6069) of Makena Tech Solutions, Inc. in Glendora, CA, USA has made the firm’s first split placement with Lora Lea Mock (NPA #6656) of Professional Recruiters in Sandy, UT, USA.

Lora Lea placed Jodi’s candidate, a Sales Development Manager in the Sales Industry in the USA.

Jodi explains how the deal came about: "Summer was in full force and we were winding down on our client roles. Makena specializes in Tech and Finance/Banking, so typically by the end of Q2, ramp ups have been filled and staffing budgets have been slashed in these two industries.

"It was time to add splits to the game and I wanted to make sure my team had plenty to keep them happy. My first “go to” is always a split opportunity with NPA, so I began the “hunt” for some roles that would compliment our inventory as well as benefit the NPA partner and end-client. I always check my “usual suspects”... the partners who have roles I’m interested in, who respond in a timely manner and who I’ve made a connection with. Sounds like a dating service, but seriously it’s a great formula to GSD.

"Although I hadn’t worked with Lora Lea before, she did have a role I was interested in, so I reached out to her regarding a tech role within the Banking industry in Northern California. She immediately replied to my inquiry and clarified some points to help the process along and we got started. I think we worked on it a couple weeks, but the interaction between us on this role solidified the partnership. When that role got filled, she offered up a few she needed help on in Los Angeles. Although my partnership with Lora Lea at that time had been brief, it was still clear to me she was a strong partner for Makena. Her professionalism and responsiveness to her end clients and her partner were on point, so I knew I wanted to continue to work with her. Although the roles were not something I’d say was our strong suit, I decided to take a few on since they were all for the same client, did some research on the MLM Sales industry and started our search for her. A few days later, we sent her the candidate who resulted in my 1st placement with NPA.

"I hope this inspired some to spread your wings, expand your fulfillment base and take on roles you are not specialized in. And mostly I hope this validates for many that it is important to find partners who mirror your structure/process/SOP’s to make the process successful. Happy Hunting, Makena is rooting for you all!"

Well said, Jodi! NPA and your trading partners allows you to confidently take on roles outside your typical area. Great work to the both of you!