Posted by Liz Carey on May 09, 2019
Mark Boileau (#7392) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of RSI Inc. in Toronto, ONT, Canada.

Mark provided an Industrial Electrician in the Automotive Industry, to Kevin Alger (#7370) of Appletree Executive Recruitment in Guelph, ONT, Canada.

"Not long after joining RSI, an NPA partner, in February, I wanted to personally call a few partners to formally introduce myself and inquire if I could provide any assistance in their roles," Mark said. "Kevin Alger was the very first individual I personally called. I wanted to reach-out to Kevin, as many of my placements as a recruiter previously had come from similar fields that Kevin had as roles from his clients listed on NPA's website.

"One of the roles we spoke about was for an industrial electrician north of Toronto," Mark said. "After receiving the details of the type of candidate the client would prefer, I began reaching-out to people who could be a fit. One of the individuals I spoke with had a majority of the experience and credentials required. In speaking with him, he also seemed to fit the type of personality that could be a strong fit for the organization.

"The process with Kevin was fantastic," Mark said. "He was great in detailing the type of candidate which could work, and kept me updated every step of the way in regards to how the candidate was doing in his interviews. It was such a positive experience to have for your first placement."

What a great story! This is all about building solid relationships with great communication and feedback. Great work, Mark and Kevin!