Joni Fixel (NPA #3899) of NCG LLC in Okemos, MI, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Steve Morris (NPA #1118) of Van Grace Associates in Shrewsbury, MA, USA. Steve placed Joni's candidate, a Chemical Engineering Lead in the Chemical Industry in the US.
Steve explains how the deal came about: "This was an 'interesting' assignment that started in October of 2021. I had placed a candidate of my own on this job who was supposed to start on November 8th. On the Sunday before she was supposed to start, she reneged based on a health problem with a family member. I reposted the job on NPA Matchmaker and emailed it directly to a number of members. My direct list is made up of people I have worked with, exporters I hear about from the trading group calls, referrals from Marcia Bateman etc. Either Joni Fixel or Nadia Sellers (the owner) was on a call at some point or Marcia connected us so I included them in my direct email group. Apparently the 1st email didn't get thru to Joni so I sent a 2nd email to Nadia who forwarded it to Joni. Joni Fixel was one of only a few affiliates who worked on it and am very happy that she did. The candidate was commutable and worked for companies I know and have recruited from but we had never connected or crossed paths. But for NPA this would not have happened. Thank you Joni!"
Joni added: "Steve had reached out to Nadia when I didn't respond (or my email bounced back to him) due to server issues. Once we connected, Steve sent me the information and I got to work. I found the candidate and Steve's client seemed to be happy after interviewing him. Later he was hired. It was a very pleasant surprise for me. NCG was a member of IPA prior to NPA and that was a while ago. So yes this is our first split through NPA likely not from IPA) but after 2 years of Covid and uncertainty, it was a great search to help with. I really enjoy working with Steve."
It pays to take the extra step after posting your job, and send it out to a Saved Recruiter List! Let us know if you need help setting one up. Great work, Steve and Joni!