Nick Moussa (#8088) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of Konnecting Pty Ltd. in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Nick provided a Service Technician in the Construction Industry, to Ed Turvil (#8448) of Ed Turvil Consulting in Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia.

Ed explains how the deal came about: "By leveraging the unique power of the the NPA, Expert Model, I was able to solve a problem for an important client. The problem was well beyond my personal realm of expertise but by helping to solve this issue, I have further depend my relationship and made a few bucks in the process.

"At the recent NPA conference in Sydney, I was lucky enough to spend some time with Fred Molloy from Konnecting. Through our discussion, we identified a recruiter with the ideal experience to be able to recruit a Service Technician for my client based in far Western Sydney, a role that has been deeply problematic for my client to fill. I was connected to Nick Moussa, who professionally and diligently went about sourcing great people... we were quickly able to provide 2 strong candidates and have been successful in placing an absolutely gem... perfectly matching the brief from both cultural and skills fit perspectives. All round, a job well done thanks to some openness, some networking and expert partners. Thank you Nick and Fred.... and NPA".

Nick added: "Ed was working on a position that I was very familiar with, especially that I had few matching candidates in my database from previous job applications. With a bit of advertisement and networking, we were able to identify a couple of good candidates. After interviews with the client, one candidate was selected and offered. It was a straight forward job and very good communication and coordination experience, and meeting expert partners like Ed is always the best part of it, thanks to the NPA network model."

Great work, Nick and Ed!