Patricio Benavides (#8441) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of Selecta in Ecuador.

Patricio provided a HRBP in the Insurance Industry, to Lucas Garcia Llorente of GHIDINI-RODIL in Argentina.

Lucas said: "I would like to start thanking Patricio from Selecta who help us looking for a HRBP in Ecuador. Our client located in Argentina, was seeking someone to recruit for them in Ecuador. They were concerned about how they could transmit the importance on looking for someone who would be aligned with the culture of their company.

"We went to visit our client to tell them about our international affiliation as we were NPA members and knew with this network we could deliver the same service they receive in Argentina anywhere, even in Ecuador.

"After that meeting, we talked to Patricio and we shared all the information we had about the position, the client, and from what they were looking and expecting from a recruiting firm.

"It was not easy deal, but thanks to Patricio and the excellent job they done, we finally found the perfect candidate. It was a great experience working with Selecta. Definitively they are a great firm! You can trust that if you work with them they will not fail!"

Great job promoting your international capabilities through your affiliation with NPA, Lucas! And nice work to both of you for persevering through a not-so-easy deal and closing it!