Posted by Liz Carey on May 09, 2019
Phil Janik (#3547) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of J.C. Malone Associates in Louisville, KY, USA.

Phil placed a Manufacturing Director in the Machinery / Heavy Equipment Industry, provided by Alfonso Contreras (#8432) of ALROVA Services in Juarez, Mexico.

"A former client of mine in Chicago had some recent job openings, and as I came back into the staffing industry, I started connecting with companies I enjoyed working with in the past," Phil said. "As I followed up with leadership at this company about current openings in Chicago, they ask if I could help internationally. They have a General Manager/VP of Distribution in Mexico and really need help with local recruitment. I had only recently heard about NPA and just became a member. I asked our NPA contacts if we have any recruiters who are members in Mexico and the connection to Alfonso was made!"

"Alfonso has been a true professional recruiter from the start," Phil said. "He found some outstanding candidates for this high level role. The client company did put the position on hold 2 separate times, however Alfonso was able to keep the candidates engaged while I continued to follow up with the client company to move the process along as we did not want to lose these outstanding candidates for the role. Alfonso targeted passive candidates who were currently working and not really looking for a new opportunity, so we had some time... however with all the communication and everything this company presented in the offer thru multiple negotiations, we were both able to close the deal together and gain an offer acceptance by the candidate."

"The client company was extremely happy and so was the candidate!" Phil said. "It was truly a team effort. Thank You Alfonso and Thank You NPA!"

Wow, kudos to both of you -- Phil, for using network resources to expand your work with your clients to service their international needs... and Alfonso, for finding great candidates and keeping them engaged through a long hiring process. Great work!