Quinn Wigington (NPA #6091) of Premier Employee Solutions in Provo, UT, USA, has made the firm’s first split placement with Julie Blodgett (NPA #4026) of TDM & Associates in St. Joseph, IL, USA.

Julie placed Quinn’s candidate, a Sr. Human Resource Manager in the Packaging Industry in the US.

Quinn has only been in NPA for a couple months! He explains how the deal came about: "First off, I want to let you know how great it was to work with Julie Blodgett and her team! Any time I had any questions about the position, or if there was an update, I'd email Julie, and she would return my email with the answers I was looking for in a timely manner. She kept me updated throughout the entire process. It was very easy to work with her.

"I saw the HR Manager position on the alerts email that comes to my email that I set up through Matchmaker. I quickly shot Julie an email asking if she wouldn't mind if I took a crack at helping find candidates for the position, and asked if there were any "must haves" that the candidates should have. She replied quickly saying that she would appreciate the help, and gave me some suggestions as to what the client was looking for.

"I then started to source candidates, and with the company willing to relocate nationwide, I was able to cast a larger net to find the right type of candidate. I was able to find two strong candidates who I screened, and submitted over to Julie for her to further consider for the position. One of them once lived in the area the company was located, and the other candidate I was able to submit was local.

"Julie let me know that she submitted both candidates, and kept me in the loop as to when interviews were going to take place. Julie set up interviews first with the local candidate. She gave him a call, and set it all up and emailed me letting me know when it was. The interview went good on both sides, and continued with interviews with the upper management team. After the interview process was completed with my first candidate, they wanted to take a closer look at my other candidate who was located out of state.

"Julie set all those emails up as well. The first candidate started to get a little nervous that they wanted to consider other candidates, but Julie was right on top of things, and talked to him to try to calm his nerves. I talked to him a number of times also, and told him it wasn't unusual to look at more than one candidate, to which he agreed with. The entire process took about 3 weeks before they wanted to make an offer which they did to the candidate who was located locally.

"It was a great experience getting my first NPA fill under my belt, and am planning on making many more! Thanks again NPA for the opportunity, and to Julie and the TDM Associates team for all you did!"

Julie added: "I really appreciate Quinn Wigington working our HR Manager search in Louisiana. I posted the job in Matchmaker and Quinn delivered two excellent candidates. We were looking for an HR Manager with a strong union background in manufacturing for a plant in northern Louisiana. Both of Quinn’s candidates were spot on and made it through the lengthy interviewing process. It was a great day when we received an offer and acceptance. We appreciate our partners in NPA!"

Great job, Quinn and Julie! This is the perfect example of a cooperative importer/exporter relationship - open communication, timely and effective feedback, and transparency is what it takes to build a great partnership and close deals!