Posted by Liz Carey on Apr 16, 2019
FK Low (NPA #8520) of VHR Consultancy in Malaysia has made the firm’s first split placement with Justin Leonetti (NPA #1398) of Perfect Fit Placement in Berlin, CT, USA.

Justin placed FK’s candidate, a Plant Manager in the Chemical Industry in Malaysia.

Justin explains how the deal came about: "My main client had asked if we had anyone in the Malaysia market who could help them with a Plant manager role, as they had engaged a firm there who had not performed very well. Having been successful with many other affiliates in the US and EMEA, it was easy for me to very confidently say YES!

When I reached out to Marcia, she recommended two firms for me and I connected with both to understand their strengths. I believe that since FK had a Chemical Engineering background, was familiar with the chemicals industry & had previously done recruiting for my client in that region, that he would be the most successful."

FK said: "Before kick start the search, we tried to understand the search parameters thoroughly and working relationship with Perfect Fit Placement, Inc. was a good one!"

Justin said: "Right out of the gate, his team had someone that was worth considering for my client on day 1 while they continued to vet for more people. Needless to say, they came out of the gate strong and my client was pretty impressed that they were able to bring a couple viable candidates to the table. Although they wanted to have more people get to an onsite interview to 'pick' their top candidate, we were able to get the decision makers to move on our candidate before too long. Placement done!"

Great work using network resources to fill your client's international reqs, Justin! And FK, great job submitting A+ candidates and communicating with your trading partner!