Posted by Liz Carey on Jun 24, 2019
Neil Phillis (#8539) of Warraba Recruitment in Como, NSW, Australia, has made the firm’s first split placement with Sarah Goldberg (NPA #8386) of Allegro Recruitment Consulting Pty Ltd in Moorabbin, VIC, Australia.

Neil placed Sarah’s candidate, a National IT Manager in the Consumer Products Industry in Australia.

Neil explains how the deal came about:

"Having been in the Recruitment Industry for nearly 20 years and a small business owner for more than 10 of those, I had pondered the merits of NPA Worldwide a couple of times over the journey. As 2019 was taking off, I finally actioned the thought, made an enquiry and filled out the paperwork. Whilst the NPA referencing was underway, a long-term client who was in a new company picked up the phone with an urgent need - senior role ($250K), not in my core discipline (IT), not in my home city (role in Melbourne, I’m in Sydney). I thought, “Why not use this as my test case?”

Neil listed the role on Matchmaker and called NPA member engagement specialist Kristen Davie to ask for a partner referral, who sent him several options, including Sarah Goldberg, who he called.

"Neil immediately began to tell me the history of the relationships and how the opportunity came about, holding little to no details back," Sarah said. "I had the whole picture right from the get-go and appreciated his transparency and openness. This immediate trust set the tone for the rest of the process.  Neil was a wonderful partner to deal with – he was open, forthcoming, and reasonable, and I really commend him for his commitment to his membership and going in hard from Day 1.  We were able to truly collaborate – me knowing he was serious and that it was exclusive allowed me to work comprehensively on the role as if it was for my own client.  Neil treated me like his business partner keeping me abreast of every movement and update. These things were crucial to us both working the process properly and successfully."

Just 6 days after joining NPAworldwide, Neil and Sarah were introduced, and then 3 weeks to the day later, Sarah's National IT Manager walked through the door to start his new role with Neil's client. 

"It’s a fantastic placement (and fee) that neither of us would have made otherwise," Sarah said. "Neil and I have established a great professional partnership and this will only open more doors for us both."

"It’s fair to say things worked terrifically well. Fantastic work from Sarah and my decision to joined NPA Worldwide perfectly validated!"

Way to use NPA resources to fill a role outside your core focus and geography, Neil! Congrats on your (very fast) first NPA split!