Kareen Johnson (NPA #7392) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of RSI, Inc. in Toronto, ON, Canada. Kareen provided a Manager in the Plastics/Rubber Industry to Brian Pho (NPA #7852) of Campbell Morden, Inc. in Vaughan, ON, Canada.
Kareen explains how the deal came about: "I was introduced to Brian by Jean-Marc Frion who has been like a mentor to me since joining NPA. Myself and Brian had a quick call to discuss the positions he was working on for his client, a few emails back and forth to outline the job specifics and I started my search.  I must say that the stars truly aligned for me because I was quickly able to secure and present Brian with 2 strong candidates.  They were both selected for interviews and the client quickly decided on one.  Shortly, thereafter the candidate signed the offer letter and we officially closed our first deal together.  Like I said the stars really aligned perfectly.  I’ve been spoiled by this first placement as it all worked out so perfectly.  I’m hoping that the stars continue to align for both myself and Brian for other successful collaborations. It’s definitely not an easy market but every now and then amazing things happen…..call it the optimism of a newbie.  I hope the energy of this collaborative effort will inspire others."
Keep the optimism, Kareen! It's part good timing, but also part putting in the work - connecting with trading partners, communicating effectively and frequently, and collaborating. Here's to many more splits together!