Mark Woolford (NPA #8647) of MYM Consulting in Sydney, NSW, Australia, has made the firm’s first NPA split placement with Brian McGlennon (NPA #8606) of Target Impact in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Mark placed 2 of Brian's candidates, Investment Advisor/Dealer(s) in the Financial Services Industry in Australia.
Mark explains how the deals came about: "Brian reached out to me not long after I joined NPA back in late April and we realised there were quite a few synergies and in particular Brian understands my clients industries very well. I was working with a fairly new client and Brian sourced a number of quality candidates very quickly, we managed to get two over the line and they both started on the 4th July. Both of the candidates are killing it, they are even considering promoting one of them already so the client is very happy! We are continuing to work together on that client and others as well."
This is a great example of why it's so important to pick up the phone and talk to your partners... get a feel for what they do and see if you have any synergy. NPA is a relationship network... if you need any trading partner recommendations, make sure to reach out to the Engagement Team!