Naval Tiwari (NPA #6113) of Healthcare Staffing Solutions, LLC in Los Angeles, CA, USA, has made his first NPA split placement. Naval provided a Sales Manager in the Telecommunications Industry to Laura Schmieder (NPA #1315) of Premier Placement, Inc. in Allentown, PA, USA.
Laura said: "I met Eddie Yi at the Fort Worth meeting.  Naval (who is on the team) answered one of my Marketplace postings with a candidate for a Supply Chain Manager role who wasn’t a great fit.  Then he sent a candidate for the Global Logistics Manager role and got me the additional information I needed….and the candidate sold herself to the client!"
"It pays to post your jobs AND attend meetings so that when you see someone’s name, that you met, often more of a connection is made and a bond formed," Laura said.
Laura just reached Double Platinum in NPAworldwide's Recruiter Achievement Status, so take it from her... she knows the recipe for success in NPA!