Raghavendra Gundmi (NPA #8554) has made his first split placement since joining the staff of Avisant Search in London, UK. Raghavendra provided a Head of Development in the Software Industry to Herman Bruno (NPA #2091) of Corps Partners in Charlotte, NC, USA.
Raghavendra explains how the deal came about: "Before explaining how this success happened, I would like to thank Herman, Davis (AvisantSearch) and NPA team for this opportunity, and for the platform. I am a recruiter with Technical and IT expertise and I was looking for a good start with a big IT position closure. I found Herman had many good IT roles listed on NPA and connected to him through email and showed my interest to work on those roles. I choose the role "Head of Development" and sourced a matching candidate. But the position went on hold for a few weeks. After a few days, Herman contacted me again for the same role. I had confidence in Shawn and pitched him again. Herman took it forward to client and for all good reason, he got selected."
Great job sticking with it! Congratulations Herman & Raghavendra!