Jarrod Ditmore (NPA #6107) of Rainy Day Recruiter in Portland, OR, USA, has made the firm’s first NPA split placement with Steve Kohn (NPA #2043) of Affinity Executive Search in Hollywood, FL, USA. Jarrod placed Steve's candidate, a Radiology Technologist in the Healthcare Industry in the USA.
Steve explains how the deal came about: "In the beginning... I noticed that Jarrod had a job open where we appeared to have a matching candidate. So, I sent the candidate over, and Jarrod quickly responded with no interest. This happened 7 more times until one got his attention in a positive way. Then we spoke, got a good feeling for how the other does things, and began to work more closely.  In early July, Jarrod had a need for a Radiology Tech, and I did an extensive email campaign on that job for him, which fortunately netted the winning candidate. Once I submitted the candidate, Jarrod took over, quickly arranging interviews, a site visit, and negotiating the offer. He's the best of both worlds: personable and professional. A great business partner who I expect to be making placements with regularly."
Great work Jarrod & Steve! This is the perfect example of how to build a great trading partnership - open and clear communication, set up expectations and learn how each other work, and quick feedback. NPAworldwide has more than 500 member firms, so it can take some trial and error to find one that works the way you like... and still may require some give and take once you do!