Sheri Frazier (NPA #5212) has made her first split placement since joining the staff of TKO Recruiting in Highlands Ranch, CO, USA. Sheri provided a VP, Dean IT College to Kris Hill (NPA #6656) of Professional Recruiters in Sandy, UT, USA.
Sheri explains how the deal came about: "Gary Patton - TKO Recruiting, which a lot of you know, has been with NPA for several years.  I have known Gary for over 20 years, not through recruiting, but through our love of Volleyball (we both play sand volleyball in Colorado) and through a volleyball charity that Gary and I both ran 'back in the day' called Hannah's Hero's and then Volley4JDRF which supported funding for Type 1 Diabetes, an autoimmune disease. I have a long history in the staffing and recruitment industry and knew that Gary worked in a consortium of recruiters and account managers in what sounded like a perfect fit for me. So Gary took me under his wing, showed me the ropes with NPA, and introduced me to some of the affiliates he works with, which includes the awesome group of people at Professional Recruiters.  
"In November, Kris Hill was looking for a very unique high-level position with one of his clients that was a blend of Academia and Technology.  So I started to search and found a few candidates that I thought could be a good fit.  I submitted this candidate to Kris in November and it took 4 months (several interviews and negotiations) to bring it to fruition.  
"I thoroughly enjoy working with Kris, because I know he understands recruiting as well as account management, which was imperative for this type of high-level position to be filled.  There were several conversations Kris and I had about the client and the candidate to make sure things were moving in the right direction and Kris always kept me in the loop on every step, which was something I really appreciated. 
"I think one of the best things about NPA, is the ability to not only partner with those who you know can do the job, but also those you like working with... you really don't get that in the normal working world.  NPA has a great community of recruiters, who are absolute professionals, and I have thoroughly enjoyed becoming a part of the NPA community.  On one last note, I did tell Kris when I recruited this candidate 'he's the one' - IF ONLY it was that easy :)"
Kris said he reached out to Sheri directly: "What I found was more then I ever expected in regards to working with Sheri.  She is has 'IT' as we say in recruiting.  You can’t teach it, you have IT or you don’t and she does.
"Usually when I work with partners the first time it takes them awhile to really understand my client is looking for and what they are looking for.  From day one Sheri understood not only what I was looking for, but she’s able to tell my clients story just as well and I do, which is really unusual on her side of the business.
"She is an early riser and night owl like me and we would email and discuss this particular candidate and the process with the lengthy interviewing process at all hours of the day and even on the weekend.  It was truly a partnership bringing this to the finish line and I COULD NOT have done this WITHOUT Sheri."
This sounds like the beginning of a great trading partnership! Built on a foundation of communication, transparency and trust. Congrats, Sheri and Kris!