Posted by Liz Carey on Sep 10, 2020
Tony Truong (NPA #2113) of Arcarius Group in Miami, FL, USA, and Alexis Alvarez (NPA #8577) of Career Rockstars in Madrid, Spain, have each made their firm’s first NPA split placement.
Tony placed Alexis’s candidate, a Senior Manager in the Accounting Industry in the US. Alexis joined NPA in January, and Tony joined last year.
Alexis explains how the deal came about: "I 'met' Tony earlier this year on my first group Accounting/Finance call. As part of the protocol, I introduced myself and the type of candidates I typically work with which piqued Tony’s interest, as we both target Big 4 consultants. He reached out to me immediately after and we quickly set up a call to introduce ourselves. Though our target profiles differ slightly – I target management and strategy consultants and he targets audit/assurance consultants – we both agreed there were synergies in what we did and a potential for us to work together. Fast forward a few months, Tony published an Accounting Advisory Consultant role for multiple locations across the US on Matchmaker. Though I had little experience working Audit/Accounting roles, I thought I would give it a go, as it was an opportunity to pivot into a different practice area within the Big 4 space. I kicked off sourcing in mid-June and by July 30 we had an offer on the table for a candidate I had submitted 3 weeks earlier. Much to our delight, our candidate accepted. It was very exciting because it was our first placement with NPA as new members. Tony’s been great to work with, as the communication and overall process has been very fluid. Though Accounting/Audit is not my area of expertise or focus, it has proven wise to simply 'go for it.' And I foresee more placements in our future!
This is a great example to other new members of how to make NPA work for you!  Tony and Alexis's success comes from being proactive - attending calls, reaching out to other members after the calls, and building those relationships.