Posted by Jim Lyons JD, CPC on Apr 27, 2022

Greetings, NPA! Spring is in the air for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

Joining NPA almost 10 years ago has enabled me to maintain my  individual firm identity, while concurrently being part of something much bigger. I came to learn shortly after joining NPA that one of the best kept secrets of NPA membership is FLYING THE NPA FLAG. In fact, for the past several years all of my client acquisition initiates have been NPA-centric. In operation, I lead with, and go to market flying the NPA flag.

I can go on and on about the NPA victories won flying the NPA Flag in partnership with network members. In the alternative, there have also been assignments whereby flying  NPA Flag got me in the door and I was able to deliver myself. It is important to note that in such a case, I do not seek or solicit NPA member expertise. To do so without the intent of splitting would be an inappropriate practice. Transparency is the best practice and  we should always treat fellow members as partners. Membership splits will be the subject of my next Chairman’s Corner.

My "NPA first" strategy has allowed me to grow and diversify my business, work internationally, balance my cash flow, and compete against–and regularly beat–“Big Search” and the staffing giants. In addition, at the dawn of the COVID scare, I was able to pivot back into the legal search space after a 10 year absence. Without NPAworldwide by my side, I would have never been able to launch a legal search offering while maintaining my core business in fintech, sales and financial product software.

In practice, by flying the NPA Flag, members can lead with NPA’s 65-year history,  global reach, local knowledge and membership expertise. Of course, I am not suggesting that this strategy is right for all NPA members, but it is an option to consider. Again, always happy to have a chat and share some NPA go-to-market case studies around client and talent acquisition. Here is an interview Dave Nerz and I recently made on this topic:

Lastly, the NPA engagement team is always ready to assist. NPA also has some great marketing material you can customize around your branding.

Congrats & Reminders

  • Lakshmikanth Iyengar, Talent Advisory (NPA #8567) - Firm 1st Placement
  • Denise Doan of Enhance Recruiting (NPA #5091) reported her first split in late March, and has since had 2 more splits! Her firm joined in Oct 2021. And she attended the meeting in Ft. Worth.
  • Koti Reddy of LaBine and Associates (NPA #6017) - Recruiter 1st Placement
  • Shubham Upadhayay & Kundan Sharma of Healthcare Staffing Solutions LLC (NPA #6113) - Recruiter 1st Placements
  • Greg Eastmer of CP Staffing Solutions, Inc. (NPA #1361) - Recruiter 1st Placement

REMINDER - Still time to join us in Barcelona next month. Contact Veronica Blatt at +1 616 871-3323 with any questions.