Success in our business right now requires laser focus on the right stuff!

Flashback 25 years and our business was much simpler – let’s face it the world was much simpler -- but I’ll leave that for someone else’s blog. Recruiting 25 years ago… we used the phone book, paper job order/candidate files along with lists and directories. It was not easy but the path to success was simple and straight forward….through the phone. The only distraction was the person next to you who talked too much. Remember those times?

Flash forward to current times. We have LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter, Facebook, Alignable (a network I seem to have but have never accessed), Twitter, Indeed, Glassdoor, Google, Bullhorn/ATS du jour, Job Scout, and a myriad of other tech tools designed to make your life easier? Really? We have our email inbox and in some cases two email accounts where you can waste half your day responding to needless requests. Don’t forget to check your spam and junk folders. You probably have a desk phone with voice mail. You have several inboxes and message locations to check (LinkedIn (two inboxes if you have Recruiter), miscellaneous other social media, Next Door, Skype, Matchmaker, Slack etc. I have not mentioned your cell phone which has become the equivalent to a 1994 supercomputer. You have phone calls and texts, voice mails here too and apps that chirp at you constantly. And, maybe you have to do a blog or write for a newsletter…I do.

You also have non-placeable candidates and non-fillable job orders that shine like Fool’s Gold along the attempted path to success.

To further paint the picture…we also have personal lives, need for vacations, occasional sickness and perhaps soccer games. How the heck do we, I, you get anything done?

Hopefully I’ve outlined the challenge, now here is the solution.

I just finished my second experience listening to Monte Merz (not to be confused with Nerz). Monte started and operates a successful firm called High Country Search Group in Denver. He is available this month on Next Level Exchange.

Merz offers up a pretty good recipe for success. The reality is that you need a certain number of specific things to happen on your desk every month to be successful. I like the simplicity of his model! Monte has 20 recruiters with a per desk average of $350K. The beauty in his recipe is that it works for any number, including a single desk recruiter.

Monte Merz Key Elements for Success: Monthly Metrics to achieve 350K in billings

  • 20+ Interviews - Defined as a face-to-face meeting. If not face-to-face then, completing a questionnaire over the phone (not through email)
  • 8+ Send Outs - Defined as the first time a candidate meets a client.
  • 4+ Job Orders - Defined as a JO at the point a send out occurs on that order.

Merz’s firm works within defined verticals so he is building inventory with every interview. He is also getting job leads and referrals from these interviews.

Of course, time management and daily planning is key to executing any plan.

If you want to learn more about Monte Merz then tune into Next Level Exchange (NPA Partner) for their monthly training. You can see a free preview of Monte here. Greg Doersching also signed up with Next Level Exchange and offers training this month. I’d highly recommend NLE training to keep you on the right path. NPAworldwide members receive special pricing from NLE! It is about US $90/month, and the price goes down as more members subscribe.

If you want to stay laser focused, you need to stay focused on the right metrics!

Happy Hunting!