Dear Nicky,

I have been posting my jobs in Matchmaker and not getting a lot of help. What am I doing wrong? I would think right now would be the best time to fill jobs.

Need Help in Nester

Dear Nester,

I'm glad to hear you're uploading records to Matchmaker! Posting records is an important component of network success, but it's definitely not the only thing you need to do. Here are some other ideas to try based on the habits and activities of successful partners:

  • Do you participate in the appropriate Practice Group and Specialty Group calls to share your jobs verbally with others?
  • Do you have a shortlist of regular partners that you send yours jobs directly to (in addition to posting)?
  • Are your job descriptions filled in with good concise information?
  • Does your job order tell your affiliates the skill and fit of the candidate your client is seeking?
  • Is there enough "sizzle" to attract and engage top candidates? Help your partners sell it!
  • Are you proactive? Did you search the Matchmaker Candidate database for matches on your own?
  • Did you search the Matchmaker Jobs database to see if there are similar jobs posted? Those partners could also be a source of candidates. Or, you might compare your postings to theirs and find something that makes your jobs less desirable (a low fee is one example).
  • Did you search the Matchmaker Recruiters database for partners that work the industry?
  • Have you reviewed the Money Letter to see if those types of jobs are being filled by your partners? For example, we don't see a lot of placements for very high-end executives.

As you can see, there are a number of ways in increase the likelihood of a successful placement. Make it a point to incorporate a few of these with every posted job.


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