Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Sep 08, 2022

Dear Nicky,

I'd love for my recruiters to get more engaged in NPAworldwide. I'm wondering how I can encourage their participation in the network. Do you have any suggestions?

Engaging in Engadine

Dear Engadine,

The timing of your letter is terrific as we head towards the final few months of 2022. One idea that many owners have successfully implemented is an incentive to earn a trip to our Global Conference. You have enough time to implement this with a push to finish the calendar year strong. Brokerage that is collected by the end of the year is calculated into the top firm and top recruiter awards as well. Some of the ways other owners have done this:

  • Every recruiter in the office who makes at least one NPAworldwide split earns a trip
  • Top NPAworldwide biller in the office earns an all-expenses paid trip
  • Various tiered plans that increase the business-paid portion of conference attendance to different levels of split placement volume

One thing is sure: members who attend the Global Conference repeatedly tell us the value far exceeds the cost. There is simply no substitute in NPAworldwide for a face-to-face opportunity to foster the relationships that contribute to additional split placements. An added bonus is the high-quality training that is provided. Sending recruiters to the Global Conference has been a successful strategy for many owners over the years to increase participation in the network. The 2023 Global Conference will take place May 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia - watch for more details coming soon!


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