Congratulations to Mike Fogarty from Advanced Search Group, Inc. (#4957), the newest member of the NPAworldwide Hall of Fame! Mike reached the Double Platinum level of the Recruiter Achievement Status program effective May 31, 2022 - this represents a cumulative salary total of at least US $10 million over his network tenure. Learn a little bit more about Mike below:

What is your #1 tip for how to work NPAworldwide?

Work direct with your affiliates via the phone or email. It's much more effective.

What's your favorite split story?

Not a happy ending, but the most unique situation I've ever had. Mike Pettit and I lost a placement due to our candidate getting bitten by a spider and developing a MRSA infection. The client was willing to wait and over the course of a few months, we kept getting graphic updates and pictures of his infection. Multiple times he told us the situation could be fatal, but he ultimately recovered. By then, the client had moved on.

How did you get into recruiting?

I decided to leave retail after the chain I was working for was going into bankruptcy. Interviewed with and took a job with a recruiting firm in the Chicago area and wound up working with Charlie Diana and John Peterson.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


What was your favorite NPAworldwide conference?

1. San Diego, 2. San Antonio

What is your favorite hobby?

Playing guitar