Our partner Recruitics is an expert...we should follow their advice.  Here is what they say:

    How to properly repost a job advertisement

    The goal of reposting a job is to show the job search engine that your job is still relevant. Therefore, when reposting a job, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind:

    • Repost the job on your career site. This is one of the most important rules you’ll need to follow when reposting jobs to ensure (1) your job isn’t seen as “outdated” and (2) to avoid your job being seen as a duplicate.
    • Modify your job title to be similar, but not exactly the same.
    • Even if the context of your job description remains the same, update the content a bit. It may be difficult, but try to ensure no two sentences match, word for word.
    • Try adjusting the location you’re looking for a candidate in, even just slightly.
    • Consider adding new information that may have been previously omitted.

    Aside from these tips, you’ll want to follow job title and job description best practices when reposting your job–just as you should when the original post goes live. We strongly suggest you re-read and bookmark the following resources: