As a member-owned organization, NPAworldwide members are accountable to each other to safeguard our databases and members' proprietary information. Members have collectively decided what the rules and policies are for working within NPAworldwide. While it's easy to overlook some of the admin details that protect members, it is very important that you have processes in place so these details don't slip through the cracks. Here are some areas where we need more help from owners:

  1. Remote workers / telecommuters may NOT use an email or firm name that is DIFFERENT from the registered member when they are working within NPAworldwide. This means no generic Gmail (or other) email account.
  2. When recruiters leave your firm, PLEASE take great care to disable their accounts in Matchmaker OR let NPAworldwide staff know of the turnover. If you don't do this, those former employees can still access Matchmaker and other NPA websites, receive Search Alerts, and more. Owners are reminded that they are responsible for any harm that results from their employees' or former employees' unauthorized or inappropriate access to our databases.
  3. All split placements MUST be reported within 7 days of the candidate's acceptance of the offer. The importer has primary responsibility for doing this. If the importer does NOT report the placement, the exporter is required to do so within the 7-day window. Unreported splits are not covered by indemnification. It is not acceptable to delay reporting until the candidate starts, the payment is received, because you don't want to jinx a deal or any other reason. All deals must be reported at the time of acceptance, period.
  4. A recommended best practice: All recruiters who are participating in NPAworldwide activity need to have an account on Matchmaker. Do not share user names and passwords. There is no cost for additional accounts. Every member should be able to look up - and find - anyone who claims to be part of your firm  and the network.

NPAworldwide works because of the enormous trust between members. That trust can deteriorate when members don't respect the rules and boundaries that have been mutually agreed to. Don't let that happen