Posted by Veronica Blatt

Since the start of Covid19, the recruitment and staffing sector has been hit fairly hard. That is clear.

However, what is also clear is that with every fall, there is always a bounce back, and this is exactly what we are starting to see across nearly all sectors.

How quickly the bounce is and to what sort of new world order we will bounce back to is the question that is on everyone’s agenda right now, which is why NPAworldwide has teamed up with James Osborne and the team at The Recruitment Network to give NPA members free and unlimited access to a unique suite of content, tools and support all totally free and unlimited until the end of August.

We are very excited to bring this to you exclusively, incorporating free passes to all their Summits, including The Bounce, where they have pulled together insights from around the world as well as some key industry (and non-industry) data that will enable you to better position yourself to capitalise as the markets return.

This is all about understanding what and where the opportunities are, about predicting trends and about being ready to take a leap on the rest of the market.
It is also about having the right mindset to be able to reinvent yourselves when needed and to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and rebuild.

We hope that the range of speakers, tools and content that they have given us access to across their TRNWorld platform, will really open your eyes to the vast possibilities that lay ahead for us all – this is about being realistic, optimistic but most importantly… opportunistic.

To get your free passes to The Bounce Summit and access their TRNWorld platform, simply click here and register.

Remember, we currently have agreed a deal for NPAworldwide companies to have access to this for free until the end of August, so don’t delay in registering.