Mark Ellis (#1421) of Sea Change Talent LLC in Charlton, MA, USA, nominated Jim Lyons (#1027) of LHI Executive Search, LLC in New York, NY, USA, in the Business Result category.

Mark recently made a split, his first through NPAworldwide, and wanted to give credit to Jim Lyons who connected him with the exporter, Kevin Suitor of Rostie & Associates: "Many thanks to Jim Lyons for referring me to Rostie & Associates out of Toronto on our first NPA split offer accepted for a new client (client was signed by Sea Change Talent just 6 weeks ago)!  Jim as always shared the NPA knowledge to benefit the great team at NPA."
This is what being part of a network is all about... If you can't help a partner with their req, but know of another partner who can, let them know... that's the NPA spirit! Great work Jim!