I want to get you thinking about value available from your NPAworldwide membership.  If you are not using NPAworldwide as a topic when engaging clients, maybe you should start trying to cover the value your membership offers. 

Something to consider when talking with clients, as a member of NPAworldwide you have access to a far larger pool of candidates than most of your peer group.  You have the connections of 500 other member organizations.  Maybe you have access to 2 to 10 other direct trading partners that work exclusively in your niche and the niche the client is tapping for their ideal candidate.  You also have access to a private job board….the NPA Job Board. 

I expect if you have been in NPAworldwide for any length of time, you are well aware of how to position and sell the client benefit of NPA trading partners.  But maybe you have not thought much about positioning or selling the benefit of the NPA Job Board.  I can see this benefit being use multiple ways but here are a few to consider:

The Fee Sensitive Client

Why not position with a fee sensitive client that before you engage in a full headhunting exercise, and all the time and work associated with that, you would like to work for them on a reduced fee model, say a 20% fee (vs 25% to 30% as your standard) where you do a deep dive into advertising their job on your private network’s job board.  You will still screen and vet all candidates to create the best short list possible but you will not be doing all the work included in a normal search, so you are able to do it for less. 

The Additional Benefit and Services Approach

Maybe you establish a price for your standard service and offer add on services for a fee.  So my typical search is 22% but for a small additional fee I can add to the quality and pool of available candidates in 2 ways.  First is the inclusion of additional industry/niche experts from my recruitment network to assist with the search and second is access to the large pool of candidates my network’s private Job Board can reach.  These additional services can be added but since they both have a cost for me, I will pass that through to you for an additional 5% (27% fee), with an engagement fee equal to ¼ of my fee 22% fee, or at actual cost…your call on what might work.

New Service

Perhaps it would be appropriate to just position this as a new service for a fee.  Do not compare or base it on any previously discussed fee but rather just say, I can advertise your job on a private Job Board not accessible to employers, so it gets new and passive candidates that you might otherwise never see as a candidate for your job. This tool taps Indeed, Monster, CareerBuilder, Google Jobs and hundreds of other niche sites that would cost you thousands to reach if you had the time and access as a non-employer.  My fee for this unique service is $10,000 for the first search I do for you.  If successful, we would like to be considered as a traditional recruiter for your company and use these tools in concert with our full service recruitment.    

Feel free to add your creative spins and ideas below.  Just want you to consider how to create more value from something you have that others may not be able to compete with.