Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Jun 23, 2022

Dear Nicky,

I have started getting some emails from NPA and I'm not sure why. They are reminders that I need to log in to NPA Central or my access will be deleted. Is this new? Do I really need to do something?

Login in Logan

Dear Logan,

Thanks for writing! We have previously announced to members a new automated process to cut down on the amount of dormant accounts on NPAworldwide websites. This is to protect members from inappropriate access to their proprietary data. Over time, we have discovered that most of the dormant accounts belong to recruiters who are no longer employed by a member firm, yet could potentially still have the ability to access our websites. So the first priority with this process is to safeguard members' private data.

Secondly, we want to make sure you are seeing what is happening in your network beyond just sharing candidates and jobs. NPA Central is where you participate in groups, register for events, access training videos, find publications, get policy questions answered and more. Moving forward, recruiters will be prompted to log in to NPA Central once every 90 days to maintain access to both NPA Central AND NPAmarketplace. Members who are more fully engaged in NPAworldwide activities tend to be more successful and stay around longer - and that's something everyone should want!


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