Dear Nicky

I am fairly new to NPAworldwide and posted some jobs to Matchmaker. I must say I am a bit disappointed in the quality of candidates I am receiving. How can I get better response?

Need Help in Newaygo

Dear New,

That is a good question. It's frustrating to hear stories like yours. Here are a few suggestions:

  • List the must haves, preferably in bullet points.
  • Put the most important items at the top of your list
  • Use the Notes to Members field to include any special details about your client relationship.
  • You may wish to suggest a couple of screening questions that will help your partners target candidates more accurately
  • Feel free to add something to the effect: "Please make sure you have ticked all the must-haves before sending a record." If members still send “off target” candidates or fling a record with no value, push back and ask them to do their work. Let your partner know that your client expects quality work, and that you have the same expectation of your partner

Exporters, we strongly recommend a telephone conversation with your partner BEFORE you begin any recruitment activities. This gives you the chance to set expectations in advance, find out if anything has changed about the job, and get additional insight from your partner about the skills and attributes of a successful candidate. You'll save everyone time, effort and potential headaches.


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